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[Xinhua Online] Reporting on ICIF and interviewing Xenario exhibition area

On November 19, 2020, the third Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo opened grandly. The splendid cultural exhibitions at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai attracted visitors from all walks of life. Xenario, as a representative of outstanding enterprises in Changning District, brought many world-class projects to the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair with many highlights.

Zhong Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Changning District Committee and Deputy District Mayor, is very concerned about the development of cultural and technological enterprises in Changning. Deputy District Mayor Zhong Xiaomin and director of the Commercial Committee Chen Ying and other leaders came to the ICIF and made a special trip to visit the Xenario exhibition area, which is a cross-border for enterprises Convergence, platform development, and looking to the future to give guiding opinions and suggestions. Encourage enterprises to use their original advantages, adapt to the development of contemporary cultural creativity, fully exchange the cutting-edge theories of international cultural creativity, and deliver the latest scientific research results.

When art and science are combined, when fashion and technology collide, when ancient history and culture meets contemporary digital technology, what kind of sparks will it produce? As a well-known and innovative company with the goal of "creating new standards for pavilions", what eye-catching highlights has Xenario brought to this ICIF?

Highlight 1: Several top cultural exhibition halls that won the first prize

Xenario showcased several top cultural exhibition hall projects that won the first prize, such as the China Grand Canal Museum, Shanghai Museum East Building, China Animation Museum, World Tourism Museum, etc. The Grand Canal Museum of China is a high-profile project. The puzzle-solving file and multiple original two-dimensional IP characters designed by Xenario allow viewers to choose roles, follow the plot guidelines, and use the knowledge of the Grand Canal to break through numerous levels to complete tasks, or Climb aboard the restored ancient sand spacecraft, experience the grand canal culture in the middle of the painting in the multimedia scene, or experience the multi-dimensional experience created by real-time rendering interaction in the whole space in the shocking immersive multimedia theater. The audience experienced the new museum model at the scene and gained new cultural thinking and experience.

Highlight 2: "The Best in the World" in the Science and Technology Pavilion

Xenario brought several "world's best" appearances in charge of design and construction. These include: the world's largest planetarium-Shanghai Planetarium, the world's highest pavilion-Shanghai Center Pinnacle Pavilion, the world's most immersive science and technology museum-Colorado Space Museum, they meet the audience in different forms.

Highlight 3: The most cutting-edge top corporate pavilion

There are also many top corporate pavilion project cases created by Xenario. Including Microsoft's largest corporate pavilion in the world-the MICROSOFT Innovation Exhibition Center, Hikvision's only experience pavilion in the world-Hikvision Exhibition Center, and the Ziguang Enterprise Pavilion with a national strategic mission-the ring of the wisdom Exhibition center, Legend Holdings corporate showroom, and the coolest fashion pavilion-Peacebird Corporate Pavilion.

Highlight 4: Innovative design and research of "artificial intelligence"

How does artificial intelligence change our lives? Through a lot of research, practice, and cooperation with its international scientific research centers, Xenario has created several domestic leading experience platforms for future application scenarios of artificial intelligence and officially launched its self-developed artificial intelligence immersive experience project in 2020 "AIAI Project". In October of the same year, the team won the bid for MEGVII Artificial Intelligence Future Experience Center design and construction integration project with the first advantage. In the creation of the Ziguang Circle of Wisdom Exhibition Center, the team combined technology and art to let the audience truly understand the chip-based "Future Smart Life" in an immersive digital interactive experience. The interactive device unveiled at the ICIF is the artificial intelligence landing experience scene newly created by Xenario this year. The unique technological shape, the infinitely extending phantom space, and the dynamic scene combining virtual and reality lead the audience to open endless imagination for the future.

Highlight 5: "Fashion + Technology" Coolest Pavilion

Xenario's "Fashion + Technology" cross-border masterpiece-Peacebird Enterprise Pavilion is also a highlight of this time. Xenario uses large LED screens and mirror lighting devices to create a gorgeous opening show and uses digital technology to create an interactive long-term theme based on corporate history. The gallery creates a magical “dress-up space” to bring a targeted personalized experience to the audience, allowing the audience to experience the fun of fashion in the digital interactive experience. It is very popular among young audiences.

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