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Xenario Inc. was invited to attend the second Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair with its "AiAi Project"

On November 21, the second Yangtze River Delta Cultural Industry Fair with the theme of "Building the Yangtze River Delta Cultural Industry Community" opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Xenario's New York and Shanghai companies were invited to participate in this fair as outstanding cultural and technological enterprises. Professor Alexander Brandt, a well-known artist, top new media space designer, and founder of Xenario, gave a public speech on the theme of "New Standards, New Media, and New Experiences" at the exhibition and announced the official launch of the 2020 "AiAi Project".

The "AiAi Project" is a project based on the intersecting development of art, technology, and consciousness with the focus of its creation and research leading to interaction as the main behavior mode. It is planned to invest 10 million yuan to establish an international team composed of high-end professional scientists, subject professors, research experts, and senior designers to independently develop a series of immersive interactive smart theaters combining online and offline, combining AR augmented reality and VR Forms such as virtual reality and interactive artificial intelligence integrate fashion, technology, and culture in depth and creativity. The "AIAI Project" has great potential for development. It not only inspires the audience with the atmosphere, mobilizes, and stimulates all the audience's senses, brings a complete and rich experience, but also gives the audience a strong sense of substitution. The “AiAi Project” is different from the “acoustoptic exhibition” which focuses on pure visual form. The joint creation of world-renowned scientists and design masters allows us to tell the stories that are both knowledgeable in the international frontier science and full of strong and active vitality.

Alexander Brandt established Xenario in the United States after successfully designing and realizing the "Microsoft Corporation China First Center Pavilion", Legend Holdings Pavilion, Shanghai Center Pinnacle Exhibition Hall, etc., and served as Shanghai Planetarium, China Animation Museum, and American Space Museum Chief designer. The "AiAi Project" leverages Alexander's Neo-Utopian artistic concept and his leading technology research and development of high-tech new media interaction and virtual experience to expand unlimited artistic imagination and the creation of works.

Xenario strives to explore the potential of each exhibition, combining story, space, media, and interaction into a whole creative idea, and realizes the collision and integration of rationality, aesthetics, and technology in the exhibition. They have been carrying forward with the original intention of "The Next Exhibition Standard". They have also never stopped pursuing and exploring the cross-border integration of art and new technology, building an international high-end experiment and research platform, continuously harvesting various national invention patents, and walking at the forefront of art and technology creation in the industry.

Professor Yang Qingqing, Chairman and Art Director of Xenario, said: "A new era has begun. A new type of immersive theater art using computers, interaction, networks, or artificial intelligence as the medium provides unlimited possibilities for the young generation's starry communication and creativity. Give up the shackles, look up at the sky, let your thoughts fly, and blend into the eternal starry sky. It is not just feelings, but also thoughts and future associations-this are why