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Hikvision Exhibition Center officially opened

On May 16, 2020, the Hikvision Exhibition Center built by Xenario's creative team was officially opened. The exhibition hall covers an area of 4,500 square meters, which is also Hikvision's only experiential exhibition hall in the world.

Xenario takes "light" as the design concept that runs through the entire museum, combining art with a variety of cutting-edge interactive technologies, presenting a future smart city contextually and visually, allowing the audience to experience shuttles in the multimedia immersive stage and experience Haikang technology The value to people and the world eliminates the audience's conventional impression of technology companies.

1) The rhythm of light and shadow

Xenario uses the rhythm of light and shadow to develop the overall atmosphere of the hall. The art installation in the center of the hall moves with the light, leading the audience on a journey of exploring the development of the company.

2) Data collision in the vision laboratory

In this high-tech exhibition space, Xenario uses the refraction of light and shadow as a spatial element, combining multiple technologies into multiple sets of the cumulative display based on their characteristics. Let the audience experience Hikvision's many cutting-edge technologies.

3) Visualization of technical architecture

Xenario converts the logical icon of Hikvision AI CLOUD into the spatial layout of the Hikvision Smart Park, and uses optical fiber as the carrier to construct a virtual future city, visually presenting the structure of the city.

4) Experience of the future

Rather than just juxtaposing tech exhibits, Xenario created multiple theatrical environments of urban scenes. The audience will start from the "home" they are most familiar with, and follow the tour route to experience one day of city life such as smart home, convenient travel, smart business, and smart manufacturing.

5) The light pushes the horizon further

At the end of the experience, Xenario created a three-dimensional immersive audio-visual space. The virtually moving scene leads the audience to "see" Hikvision's vision of "opening up new horizons for the safety and development of mankind".