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Xenario wins first place in the Shanghai Museum Conceptual Design Competition

On September 4, 2020, the Shanghai Museum officially announced the winners of the "International Solicitation of the Conceptual Design for the Exhibition of Shanghai Museum East Hall". The construction of the new exhibition hall of the Shanghai Museum aims to build the world's top ancient Chinese art museum and to build the most complete display of ancient Chinese art exhibitions at home and abroad. To this goal, the museum conducted a worldwide competition of museum exhibition concepts inviting the leading design companies around the globe.

Shanghai International Tendering Co., Ltd. announced the results of the comparison on August 31. Xenario scored 78.43 points, ranking first; SiGongTech scored 75.29 points, ranking second; Guangdong Jimei Design scored 73.79 points, ranking third; Gallagher & Assoc. scored 67.79 points, ranking fourth; Beijing Qingshang received With 65.86 points, the score ranked fifth; Shanghai Yipin scored 62.57 points, ranking sixth; Quantron International scored 61.21 points, ranking seventh.

The solicitor and agency held a review meeting at the Shanghai Museum. Participants included 5 senior industry experts and 2 representatives from the soliciting party. The review committee carefully reviewed the results submitted by the 7 applicants in the optimization and award stage.

Alexander Brandt, the founder of Xenario, is also the chief designer of the Shanghai Planetarium and the China Animation Museum. He is also the new media design director of the China National Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. He said that his creative team is invested heavily to study, understand, and explore the essence of Chinese culture and art. While appreciating the beauty of art, they have produced a new thinking about cultural display — what exactly constitutes the needs of New Era Museums? Alexander believes that excellent creation is not about quickly copying plans or directly producing digital renderings, but doing it with a scientific spirit. Such as the study of museums, objects, people, events, and history, research on Chinese people’s expectations for museums in the new era, new environments, new visiting habits and paths, scientific cultural relic protection solutions, and scientific vision and cultural interpretation. The Xenario team is dedicated to starting the design process with hand-drawn sketches and careful interpretation of museums with "love and awe", creating an innovative design that meets the spiritual and cultural needs of contemporary audiences.

Solemn rituals show the honor of ancient heavy vessels, Wenrun Guanghua shapes flawless beautiful jade, and the small seal contains the treacherous era... Xenario designed bronze, jade, sculpture, painting, seal, ceramics, literati world, Shanghai archaeological art. The content and form of each theme exhibition hall are designed with a sense of immersion and a strong artistic atmosphere. It directly highlights the theme and guides the audience to understand and think about the story behind the cultural relics. Xenario's plan shows the cultural connotation of the museum and creates a new museum model through the design concept, space atmosphere.