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2015 . 09 . 25

Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Park Planning Museum, kicking off the Made-in-China Dream

In March 2015, Fei-Lai-Fei-Qu won the bid for the project of Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Park, bringing a fresh air into the construction. As the last piece of hot spot developed as a whole in the Pearl River Delta region, Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Park is at the heart of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in China, the incubator base of Made-in-China.

Under the theme of “Start and Stay abreast with the World – Setting Out for the Chinese Dream of Intelligent Manufacturing”, this exhibition hall introduced the industrial strategic practices and the international positioning of Fushan to government leaders at State, provincial and municipal levels; presented the radial district, characteristics and industrial distribution of Fushan Industrial Park to investors home and abroad, enterprises and all walks of life.

The exhibition hall itself also shows the power of Made-in-China with multimedia display technology. Theatron, the world’s first ever VR theatre city show, is a 600-square-meter, 260° conical theatre, seamlessly integrating the digital sand table, LED lights, physical sand table and screens. Such a bold, innovative media installation constitutes the heart of the entire exhibition hall, symbolizing the power source of the Chinese Dream of Intelligent Manufacturing. Besides, this core exhibition space also represents the engine of high-end equipment manufacturing in Fushan, surrounded by other exhibition areas.

Since its opening to public this August, it has caused quite a stir. Huang Jinghu, former CPPCC Chairman of Doumen District, said that the construction of Fushan Industrial Park has greatly broadened his vision as it has reflected the speed, achievements and prospects of Zhuhai’s equipment manufacturing industry.