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2016 . 03 . 20

Shanghai Tower – Visual Experience high in the clouds

The damper exhibition space on the 125th floor of Shanghai Tower is so far the highest popular science base in Shanghai and even China. It presents the popular science knowledge, design concept, worldwide application and design process of the Tuned Mass Damper in a systematical way. Vividly explaining the application of this technology, this space provides visitors with a platform to learn science knowledge and enjoy simple yet interesting interaction with installations built by most innovative technology. As an important part of Shanghai Tower, this exhibition space is by far the most elevated in the world. It is sure to have a great impact around the world. 

In an unconventional way of displaying, this exhibition hall applies animated double layer holovision models, combined with breathing projection walls and large scale magic glass installations to bring a revolutionary experience to visitors. As an important platform for science popularization in Shanghai, it uses multimedia interpretation to convey knowledge to audience in an intuitional and simple manner while stimulating the audience’s engagement and enthusiasm for the purpose of science knowledge dissemination. In this way, Shanghai is expected to truly become an international technological innovation center, driving innovation in its surrounding areas and ultimately across China. 

(pictured in a Shanghai creative director Alexander Fabian Brandt fly apple at the scene of the Shanghai tower project)