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2016 . 05 . 31

Lenovo Holdings Exhibition Hall invites you into an icy landscape.

Inspired by the corporate philosophy of Liu ChuanZhi, the founder of the world's largest computer retailer, Xenario conceived a highly unusual corporate exhibition experience. After a short cinematographic introduction, the walls smoothly slide open and reveal an abstract landscape of snowy mountains, a metaphor for the challenge of ever higher summits to climb. As the visitor wanders into the exhibition space, text, images and holograms appear to tell the phenomenal story of perseverance and success.With every step forward the entire space changes from icy cold to a warm atmosphere, reflecting the team spirit that has beenkey to the founder's achievement.

In an sensitive way, this exhibition hall will showcase Legend Holdings’ business philosophy that has evolving through unceasing exploring, practicing and lesson-drawing, whose entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture have been carried down from generation to generation. Meanwhile, Legend Holdings shoulders up its own social responsibilities by leveraging years of experience to support the growth and expansion of millions of Chinese enterprises, so as to contribute more to Chinese economy and work together toward the vision of “Serving the Country through Industrial Development”. And then the vision and goal of Legend Holdings will be unfolded, and the lighting of the whole exhibition hall will turn warmer to create an atmosphere of strength and hope.