Vincent Wang
General Manager
Vincent Wang is an in-depth researcher with a keen sense of project investment and management. During his 30 years’ career after graduating with an Engineering degree, he spent over 20 years in Hong Kong engaged in industrial projects investment management and involved in the feasibility research of projects, financial investment, and project consulting in the large listed companies such as GOLDEN KEY GROUP and IMC GROUP. He stepped into the exhibition engineering area by chance but was attracted by this creative and vibrant industry.

From 2006 to 2013, Vincent Wang was employed as General Manager of the pavilion department at PICO GROUP in charge of engineering management of theme pavilions and exhibition pavilions. He was also General Manager for the World Expo Shanghai project. He led his group to overcome obstacles and finally obtained the contracts for managing the design, building, maintenance and operation of pavilions of 32 countries and regions at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, which created the most successful record in PICO GROUP and won the favor of World Expo Shanghai Organizing Committee.

In 2013, he became the General Manager of Shanghai FeiLaiFeiQu New Media Exhibition Design Co.,Ltd. Shanghai FeiLaiFeiQu New Media Exhibition Design Co.,Ltd. and its founder Alexander Brandt are uniquely innovative in professional space design, coinciding with Vincent Wang's belief in constantly seeking excellence. Then the two men established a solid union with the same goal of setting new standards for pavilions. He believes this excellent team will create amazing exhibitions one after another through continually challenging and improving themselves, making eternal miracles in exhibition engineering.