Yang Qing Qing
Director of Board
Qing Qing is the creator of the concept of Transmedia. All her life she has explored the possibilities of cultural cross-over, with pratices including video art, ink panting, fashion design, image design, poetry and theatrical character design.

After graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy she started teaching at the China Textile University for 9 years. During that period she wrote 14 books and established herself as China's leading "Image-designer" with numerous international television documentories about her by CNN and Arte.

In 1999 she was offered a grant by the French gouvernment and moved to Paris for studies at ESMODE and further professional experience as fashion designer for the famous Pret-à Porter brand Renato Nucci.

In 2005, Yang Qing Qing co-founded the exhibition company Überflieger which she supervises since as legal representative and artistic director.

She became a professor at her alma mater (Shanghai Theatre Academy) in 2009 where she is teaching a newly created course about the cultural crossover between art and design.

In 2008 Yang Qing Qing obtains her Master diploma from the University of Grenoble and in 2010 she finishes her PhD at the Inter Armerican University.

She has a spirited activity as contemporary artist and art gallerist. Her exhibition space "Le petit musée de l'art" was opened in 2010 and she has since organized a multitude of large scale cross culture exhibitions entitled "Transmedia", bridging the devides between fine art, design, fashion, theatre and other cultural disciplines.