Alexander Brandt
Founder/Creative Director
Alexander comes from a background of contemporary art and education. He was born in Germany in 1971. After graduating from the prime art college in Paris with the highest possible marks, he successfully led a parallel artistic and designer career with influential exhibitions on three continents. In 2005, he co-founded Xenario.Ltd in Shanghai, turning his passion for the synthesis of art and technology into a full-service exhibition design and production company.

Alexander continues his artistic practice with a particular focus on "Neo-utopian" projects and Behavioral Studies. He has been teaching in prestigious art colleges in France and China for ten years and was awarded the title of "Eastern Scholar" by the city of Shanghai. His book "New Art" is available through Chinese publishers and

After more than ten years of leadership experience at Xenario, Alexander is still passionately involved in content curation, exhibition design, coding and all aspects of production. He has made it his personal goal to foster a team of dedicated professionals who share his strive to creating next exhibition standard.
Art Exhibitions (selected)
2016, Shanghai “Floating in the sea”, China Art Pavillion2005, Shanghai "NeoUtopia", Solo-Exhibition, Bizart
2015, Shanghai “SUSAS”, West Bund, Shanghai2005, Shanghai "Shanghai Construction", Hu Shen Gallery
2013, Shanghai “Chinalizing the West”, Shanghai2004, Shanghai "Courriers"
2012, Paris Transmedia, Palais de Tokyo2004, Shanghai "Young Artists" (Dolun Art Space)
2011, Shanghai Future Holiday, TOP Art studios2004, Xi-An "Is it Art”
2009, Shanghai “Bourgeoisified Proletariat”2004, Biaritz "Le Signal"
2009, Shanghai I'm too sad to tell you, Solo Exhibition2003, Hangzhou "Zhong"
2009, Shanghai "Five Shanghai Germans", stageBACK2001, Amsterdam "LIE!"
2008, Beijing New Media Art Triennial, Beijing Film Academy2000, Paris "ISEA"
2008, Shanghai "Insomnia", Bizart2000, Torino "Bienale de Torino"
2008, Shanghai "Night On Earth", MoCA Shanghai1999, Shanghai "The same -yet changed"
2008, Hangzhou "Four Seasons", The 3rd Exhibition of Media Art1999, Shanghai "art for sale"
2008, Shenzhen "Mirror of the City", Shenzhen Museum of Art1998, Italy "Arte Viva 98"
2007, Torino "Artissima", The international Fair of Art in Turin1998, Shanghai "Jin Yuan Road 310"
2007, Hefei "Derailed", Hefei-JinSeDiDai1998, New York "Storage"
2007, Shanghai "Remote Control", MoCA Shanghai1998, Paris "Fellicitations '97"
1998, Paris "Fellicitations '97"2006, Hangzhou "It's All Right", HuQing Museum
1997, Paris "Optimiste"1997, Paris "Optimiste"
2006, Shanghai "Solo Exhibition"1996, Paris "2 jours un peu gris"
2006, Shanghai "Restless" MoCA Shanghai1994, Berlin "Aus unserem Koma"
2006, Canton "The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial" (Bizart)